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  • Chronic Pain and Chiropractic Care
    If you suffer from chronic pain because of age, disease, or injury, chiropractic care is safe, effective, and free of surgery or prescription drugs. In fact, the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians both recommend considering chiropractic care as part of the treatment plan. We first diagnose the cause of your pain and then use a combination of modalities including spinal manipulation and exercise, to treat your pain. If you've had pain that has lingered more than four weeks, don't wait to seek help. Acting early prevents more problems later. Read more
  • Do I Need A Chiropractor for Growing Pains?
    Growing pains is a common term used to describe pain in the limbs. They can be achey or throbbing and nearly always appear on both sides of the body. They’re Read more
  • Sports Chiropractic Versus Traditional Chiropractic
    As with most types of health care, there is specialized care that goes beyond the scope of general practice. Most people will have a family doctor who is a general Read more